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Clark Kimberling: Solos for Soprano Recorder Collection 7: Descant Recorder:

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The solos in this book are all based on melodies composed by women. They are especially well suited to performance on the soprano recorder and they provide excellent material for developing skills in rapid tonguing extendedbreath-control phrasing and the playing of high notes. Although arranged primarily for soprano recorder most of these solos can be played on tenor or alto recorder. (On the alto use C fingerings.) Three of the world s mostfamous melodies are here: Mildred Hill s Happy Birthday (originally Good Morning to You ) Euphemia Allens Chopsticks (originally The Celebrated Chop Waltz ) and Effie Corckett s Rock-a-Bye Baby. Less well knowndelights include Faustina Hodges Because I m Twenty-Five and Florence Percy s Fly Away as well as Amanda Aldridge s Dance of the Warriors -and the list goes on and on. A separate flute edition is available.

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Flūte ą Bec

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Mel Bay

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