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Tony Oppenheim: Slap It!: Bass Guitar: Instrumental Tutor

Funk Studies for the Electric Bass-Learn the coolest funkiest and most dynamic of Bass guitar techniques with this fantastic book of funk studies. Slap It! is one of the most successful slap and pop methods and since its release has become a must-have for electric bass players wanting to learn more about playing and sight-reading slap bass lines. Tony Oppenheim’s fabulous collection of funk studies is comprehensive with a massive 151 exercises to learn hone and master this wrist wrangling and finger popping technique all in standard notation and Bass tablature. A CD is included which contains 98 recorded examples of the most important studies. This is stillthe most complete book yet on the art of slap bass playing!

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Anne Fuzeau Productions

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Tony Oppenheim: Slap It!: Bass Guitar: Instrumental Tutor
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Slap It! Tony Oppenheim
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