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Trumpet - Level 3 - Digital Download

SKU: A0.978843

By Keith Terrett. By Anon. Arranged by Keith Terrett. Baroque,Classical,Instructional,Traditional,Wedding. 6 pages. Keith Terrett #584509. Published by Keith Terrett (A0.978843).

A Fanfare for three Bb Trumpets & Timpani. This was arranged from an old melody of unknown origin, for Eb Cavalry Trumpets and Kettledrums of the Queen’s Royal Irish Hussars Band, a former Northern Irish Regiment within the British Army; whose Colonel in Chief was HRH The Duke of Edinburgh. Winston Churchill was a young officer in the regiment, before the amalgamation of the 4th & 8th Hussars, to form the ’Queen’s Royal Irish Hussars’’. All cavalry regiments of the line, have a team of Cavalry Trumpets, who under the ’Trumpet Major’, play at 11am each day outside regimental headquarters, for the Regiment. Traditionally the fanfare ’stables’ would be played first; followed by another fanfare of the ’’Trumpet Major’s’’ choice. In cavalry regiments there is often a drum horse, on which the two timpani are positioned and played. An example would be the Queen’s Own Hussars, who for many years had a fine old drum horse, trained not to panic when the kettledrums were being played fortissimo! During the day, one trumpeter is on duty, and plays various trumpet calls throughout the day to signal important happenings in the regiment’s daily schedule of events. For example, Reveille is at 0630, Mess call at 0700, Mess call 1230, Guard mount 1800, Officers dress for dinner 2000, finishing with last post at 2200! There are also trumpet calls for fire, war and mucking out the horses! One morning when I was on trumpet duty in Germany at the tender age of 18, I woke up late, and just managed to play the ’’Reveille’’ trumpet call out of my bedroom window, in an effort not to be ’charged’ for missing a call! The equivalent in the Infantry would be the bugle, which is also used as a method of signaling to the regiment. This fanfare works well for three Bb trumpets and timpani. Eb cavalry trumpets are often written in the key of C, and harmonically there is no third on chord V due to the harmonics of the instrument, and the fact that they have no valves; giving a bare sounding chord. The trills in the first part are lip trills, on Bb trumpet, simply play a lip trill using the valves 1 & 3. The most famous Eb cavalry trumpeters in the British Army, are undoubtedly the trumpeters of the household cavalry, who perform in spectacular golden uniforms, complete with riding hats, at the state opening of parliament. Don’t forget Eb cavalry trumpeters are musicians from the band,(they could be clarinettists),assigned to trumpet for two to three years, not so good for your embouchure!! So when you hear a mis-pitched note in future, you know that the trumpeter could be a bassoonist, doing his or her very best.

Old Cavalry Fanfare for 3 Bb Trumpets & Kettledrums
Keith Terrett
$5.00 4.61 € Trompette PDF SheetMusicPlus

Piccolo Trumpet - Level 4 - Digital Download

SKU: A0.817113

Composed by Heinrich Biber. Arranged by Charles Decker. Baroque,Chamber,Historic,Instructional. 26 pages. Charles Decker Music Press #3542437. Published by Charles Decker Music Press (A0.817113).

Want to feature two piccolo trumpeter soloists with your trumpet ensemble on an accessible work for students? This movement from the famous baroque sonata will impress audiences with its two antiphonal quartets, each led impressively by solo piccolo trumpeters exchanging increasingly complex ornamented phrases as musical and technical challenges.  The two solo parts are very playable on mezzo-soprano B-flat trumpets but using B-flat piccolo trumpets creates extra sparkle. The audio file is an actual performance by a trumpet ensemble and not a computer playback of the score.

See 50+ homogeneous brass group editions for horn, trumpet and trombone ensembles and more than 70 mixed brass ensemble publications at Charles Decker Music Press at Sheet Music Plus for inexperienced to advanced musicians with music ranging from the Renaissance to contemporary new works for trios, quartets, quintets, brass choir and brass band. Many of the mixed brass ensemble editions include alternate and substitute parts being alternate C trumpet parts for B-flat trumpet parts, flugelhorn/trumpet substitute for horn, horn substitute for trombone and treble clef euphonium substitute for trombone. Check out our Music of Black Composers Series with Charles Decker Music Press at Sheet Music Plus with 25 arrangements for mixed brass ensembles ranging from early jazz to symphonic works with composers Samuel Coleridge-Taylor, R. Nathaniel Dett, William Grant Still, Will Marion Cook, James Reese Europe, James Johnson and others. All ensemble publications include recordings of the entire edition.  

Use this link to
Kendor Music for more Charles Decker trumpet ensemble arrangements of music by J.S. Bach, Handel, and Renaissance composers Gervaise and Susato.

Allegro from Sonata Sancti Polycarpi for Trumpet Ensemble Ensemble de Trompettes

$7.95 7.33 € Ensemble de Trompettes PDF SheetMusicPlus

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